Welcome to Fairlane
God has a plan for our lives. He has worked since before the beginning of time to show you how much He loves us and to provide us all with every blessing imaginable. It is our objective as a congregation of God's people to share with you God's plan so that you can come to know the wonders of His love and forgiveness. At Fairlane we strive to Glorify God, Love and Encourage each other, Teach God's Word, and to Share our Faith with others.

Here at our website you can begin learning more about God and His plan. You can listen to sermons, and you can learn more about the activities that go on with regularity for yourself and your family. It is our hope and prayer to be of service to you in your spiritual needs. Please come experience a fulfilling period of worship on Sundays, and great Bible study at other times. If you have any questions or need personal counseling, please call for an appointment.

May God richly bless your search for life and peace.

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